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College of Global Talents, Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai,
2021 Teaching Positions Opportunities

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The College of Global Talents (CGT),?a specialized undergraduate college within Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai campus nearby Macau, was established in 2016 and is now serving approximately 900 students. Taking inspiration from the richness of Chinese culture and the latest understandings of the knowledge economy, the CGT community is dedicated to establishing and nurturing a world-class educational environment where responsible, creative, and forward-thinking scholarship can flourish.

CGT’s mission is to develop students who thrive via the experience of an innovative educational environment. Our graduates will not only embody a fine understanding of their discipline, they will also be excellent practitioners. They will be equipped with skills that reflect creative problem-solving, foresight and interpersonal cooperation. At CGT, they are encouraged to be self-reliant and resilient, and to possess a highly developed spirit of enquiry. Through the development of these vital skills, attitudes and qualities, our graduates will help organizations and their society to serve a greater global future.


Zhuhai is a tropical and ecological city in China situated along the coastline of the Pearl River Delta in the Greater Bay area (to learn more: http://www.cityofzhuhai.com/index.html). The city is within a 1 – 2.5 hours traveling distance, by ferry or car, to many additional scenic attractions and major cities including Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Macau, and Shenzhen.?


The College of Global Talents is seeking applicants for an opening at the Assistant / Associate / Full Professor level?beginning?September?2022. Applicants must possess relevant degrees according to the position.

Applicants should exhibit potential for publication of scholarly research but is not required. English is the medium of instruction. The compensation package is competitive. We advocate an American classroom culture with small class sizes.

We welcome candidates in statistics, mathematics, computer science and technology, accounting, and liberal arts. Faculty members have a 2 or 3-course per semester teaching load and are expected to provide academic advising and mentorship to students, and engage in service to the department, university, and community.


1. Having high professional morality, academic ethics, good teaching style and solid theoretical foundation ;

2. Undertaking teaching tasks in accordance with the requirements of the college each semester;

3. Having a desire to search for new ideas for teaching and curriculum reform and participating actively in the academic activities that the college offers;

4. Being able to teach effectively in English and communicate fluently with international peer scholars;

5. Being able to offer a spectrum of services outside class for teaching and researching of the college.


To apply, please send an application package, including:

-???Your latest resume;

-?? undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD degrees;

-?? a statement of teaching philosophy;

-??? a cover letter.

If you are interested, please email your application package contents to hr@cgt.bitzh.edu.cn. Please include the job reference number in the subject line.

For more information on the College of Global Talents, please go to?http://cgt.bitzh.edu.cn/ or contact the Human Resources Office at 0086-756-3835250.